Meet The Fold

The Highland breed was chosen as they are low input and hardy, allowing them to live outside all year round grazing on our grass but also have less of an impact on the environment, as they don’t require intensive farming.

It is important to note that we take a great deal of care and pride in treating our animals with love and respect throughout their time here.

At our farm, we prioritize the well-being of our animals and ensure they receive the best possible care. We understand the responsibility we have as stewards of these creatures, and we are committed to providing them with comfortable living conditions and a balanced, nutritious diet.

The Highlands graze outside all year round but also have access to sheds. The grass is grown naturally and sustainably without using any chemical sprays or fertilizer. The Highlands are thoroughly spoilt with attention and plenty of apples, have access to scratching brushes, and yoga balls to play with.

We have an ever-growing herd who all have different characters and personalities -  here are a few you might like to meet.  


Say hello!

We are excited to introduce you to our stunning fold. Here are just a few of the characters who you may meet!

King John

Our resident Highland Bull, King John, arrived with us in August 2022. He is also known as KJ.

He is award-winning pedigree highland bull, who is very quiet and is usually found scratching under a hedge. 

Morag & Daisy

Morag arrived with Daisy being 4 weeks old. Morag is also known as miserable Morag as she likes to be left alone unless there are apples about! She is our oldest girl at 9 years old.

Daisy is now 3 years old and likes to make announcements.

Poppy & Katharine

Poppy was the first to have a calf at Colready Farm with Katharine.

Poppy will always be the first for apples (along with Popeye!), and Katharine is very quiet and shy girl.


Anna is 3 years old. We call her 'Anna-McPhee' as she likes to mother the other babies!

Anna is currently our only Black Highland, and you will normally find her playing with the babies. 


Popeye is named this because he had a small wart under his eye (which has now gone). He’s like a big, cuddly Labrador, and is always first in the queue for apples!


Hebe is 6 years old, and is mum to Hebe the 1st and now baby Aero, who was born on Easter Monday. Aero is getting more confident as she grows!